Paying it Forward

Affection is sort of my thing. I'm a cuddly, kissy, in-your-face kind of a person. It has appeared for quite some time that the Bug is not. She gets affectionate in fits and starts but never with any consistency. She rarely doles out 'I love you's' or gives voluntary hugs or kisses. So that kinda stunk. UNTIL, I realized these last few months she has been doing all of those things. Just not for me. Or almost anyone else really. Ava gets it all.

All of it.

She holds her hands, prays for her, smells and kisses her stinky feet (I always smell/tickle Lily's stinky feet), sings to her, and the other day I was absolutely BLOWN OVER when she told Ava, " I love you sooooooo much," in the same sing-songy tone I always say it to her. She even calls her Avacakes.

  The Bug may not be strong in the area of reciprocating affection, but she sure knows how to pay it forward!

And then of course I have to remind her not to stick her finger in her sister's eye, but Hey! seems like for the most part this sister thing is going swimmingly.