My head hurts. That has been my complaint for several weeks now. Now despite that he finds my complaining and sickness endlessly adorable, my dear husband decided that it was time to get my eyes checked.

Ofcourse this was met with severe protest on several valid points:

1. We don't have insurance.

2. I've always had perfect vision

3. I DON'T WANNA!!!!!

The end result being of course that I went to get my eyes checked today.

Now please understand that I'm up against 20/10 vision here. The man can see everything!!!! It stands to reason that in comparison my vision, however fabulous, might seem a little less than perfect. I continued to insist that my vision was fine.

Now I am sitting here wearing glasses and typing this post.

I'm so glad I got my way...I mean it really was my idea to go to get them checked out and I was right...they aren't really that bad.

Or maybe I'm just a sucker for a good diplomat!!!