Pics & Prayers July 13th

Hi Village!

Let's start with praises tonight, mmmmmkay?

-We went almost two whole days without any major meltdowns. Basically that is a miracle after just a week and half. 

-Jinja, we are just doing so much better here.



-Our hearts. We are running on fumes. Exhausted. Physically, mentally and spiritually drained and still needing to give it our all. We attempted church today and it was a bit of disaster. In fact, we had a harder day today than we have had in a week with both the boys and girls. We need filling in the worst way. 

-Ruling. Our written ruling is due to come out on the 24th, but time is a subjective concept here and we really still need everyone storming the gates of heaven on this one. Pretty please. 

-Discernment. There is so much pain and grieving going on with our sweet boys that our hearts are breaking and we need to slather love all over them until it soaks into their pores. At the same time, as their parents, it is our job to set safe and healthy boundaries for them in love as a way to help them grow to a place of actual love and comfort. The line gets blurry and the answers aren't as easy as I thought they would be. 

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I added Jane to this one!

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This was actually the first day we were here. I don't know why it got skipped.