I haven't heard word yet, but I may have developed a reputation in this small town. Yesterday I had a playdate/brunch at my house. Which was super fun an I vowed to take tons of pics and only got this one...

20120426-075123.jpg And only because that sweet baby girl reminded asked me to take it.

Another side note, these things always seem to end with my kid in tears because of some injury. This week she slipped in the water she spilled and bit her lip, last week she fell off the playscape steps and broke her fall with her face.

We are officially those people. And to prove it? I'm pretty sure I poisoned my friends and their kids. Seriously. Because If everyone hadn't left when they did yesterday we would have cleared them out. Oh yeah. There were some majorly stinky tummy troubles. Best I can figure it has something to do with the food I cooked.

(Also, I obviously know no shame)

I'm thinking about writing a book that is about A. How to be a poor supervisor of your child so that she gets tough. B. How to throw a stellar playdate where you hurt kids and poison people. C. How to lose friends by stinking up your house and making them sick.

I don't know. Maybe I could combine all three topics? Do we see a best seller coming from this?