Prayer and Pics July 3rd

Hey friends! I will be randomly posting pics and prayer requests. The pics have to stay private, but please feel free to put our request on every prayer list you can get your grubby little hands on in this world! -I really don't suffer from hyper-spirituality, but I am not exaggerating or taking circumstances out of context when I tell you that we are under heavy attack in the spiritual world. Weird things y'all. Really weird things.

-Sleep. We are playing a fun game of Jet Lag Tag currently which means the girls are getting sleep in small doses (good), but since they are handing off from one to another Russ and I are getting almost none (bad).

-By the time most of you read this we will have the boys in our custody. We have waited so long for this, but still the whole thing is overwhelming. I can only assume if it is that way for us, it must be so much more so for the kids. We need peace.

Lest you think I'm all request and no praise, lets also talk about all the reason that I could seriously dance for Jesus. Join me now in a little jig.

-We are here, with all our bags. Miracles never cease.

-International community. I have long been a fan of backpacker, and expat communities, and it turns our adoption and missionary communities are even more wonderful. We are connected and already being loved on and prayed over.

-Connection with the boys. I know we are  in a honeymoon stage right now, but they are doing pretty well.