Prayer Requests

In Bible study we have been talking a lot about spiritual discernment which is fitting because Russ and I are feeling some very tiny tugs in various areas of our lives. We are desperately seeking guidance. Actually we are desperately seeking guidance everyday we just happen to be in a thick season currently. I hope you don't mind my sharing some prayer requests with you. Some of these are my daily prayers an some are current to our situation, and a few are even annoyingly vague.

-Salvation of Lily, Ava, and any future children entrusted to us.

-Strong and Godly marriage for Russ and Me.

-Discipline. I know it's right, but I still hate it. Lord help know when and how!

-Adoption. Who, what, when, where, an how. (I think God has already revealed His why.)

-The next step on our family road. Cause I know God doesn't want us standing still.

-Ministry. Clear guidance for Russ's place in it and my place in it.

I figure if I'm on my knees right now anyways I would probably be pretty blessed by praying for you as well.

Time to share prayer requests friends!!