Prayers and Pics: August 15

Hi peeps!

Sorry for the no posting thing, but pretty much nothing is happening. I mean really. We are still waiting on passports and everyday looks the exact same as the last one right now! 

We are starting with praises today though because…we just are. 

-The boys are blowing me away with their adjustment. Sure, there are issues, but y'all, my kids are all 5 & under. The tantrums shall cometh. Please pray for continued growth and healing for all us, God is truly revealing Himself to us through this life right now.

-We have been going on one on one dates with each kid as Russ prepares to go and it has been a blast. Because my sweet Mae is who she is, we spent a solid twenty minutes petting baby goats before we went and ate a banana split and smelled every single flower at the restaurant. Please be praying for us as a family as we prepare to be temporarily separated. We are all feeling it right now. 

-We got our court file! And it appears, that besides the passports, we have all the paperwork we need. Seriously. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. (Now you will be singing the Doxology all day today.) (Your welcome.) Please continue praying that we can get our passports by Monday or Tuesday of next week! That would be soon, but we serve a God of Big Miracles!!!!

Also, I am currently having trouble sleeping…so i have lots of quiet prayer time. I would love to add you to my list…so shout out (or whisper in a message) your supplications, and I will definitely be lifting them up!


This is what happens when you OD your kids on videos whilst in survival mode. Thanks for coming to help out BooMommy!Today is party day!My bookend babies have birthdays coming up!