Prayers and Pics: Court Edition

Tomorrow morning we have court for the boys. Hopefully by the time you wake up I will have good news. Here is what we need specific prayer for:

-The boys: The good news is they are turning corners left and right as far as behavior and attachment go. I can't believe how far they have come in just a week. The bad news? New situations, new places, and new people make them LOSE IT. I mean seriously, flopping-on-a-table and babbling-incoherently-with-glazed-over-eyes kind of lose it. Which means court will be tricky. 

-The judge: That she would have grace and give us a quick positive verbal ruling and a short timeline for our written ruling. 

-Russ and me: Obviously we are trying our best to continue over and over again to submit this all to God, but are nerves are frayed and we are exhausted. That is a hard time to be fighting spiritual battles. Please intercede for us.

Unrelated to court: We don't like Kampala. We are at the Mercedes Benz of all adoption guesthouses and we flat don't like it. We want to go back to Jinja, but we also want to do what is best for our family overall. Please pray that we would know what the right thing to do it.

The back yard view of Kampala. Don't be fooled. It doesn't really look like that.