Prayers and Pics July 29

We are headed out on safari tomorrow!!!!

Or as Lily would say, "Safaria."


-Please pray for safe travels to and from and that we will have no major set backs for the boys. We pick my mom up in the morning so we will have lots of hands and lots of help. Also? NB asked that you specifically pray that he gets to see a lion. 

-Peace. I have been questioning my every move lately. Attachment is a dance and since our bios are here it happens to be a dance that involves a lot of people in this case. That means there will be some back and forth, but every time one of the kids goes off the rails (which, with five, is often)  I beat myself half to death with condemnation.

-Passports. We are still working on them and we still desperately need them!

photo 3-2

Because we are on the equator and the house isn't air conditioned the twinkie-dinks thought fleece blankets were a good idea.