Prayers and Pics July 4th

Y'all. I wish you could know how seriously your prayers are sustaining us right now. When the words won't come, I can know for sure that y'all are standing in the gap for us. -Attachment issues. So far this is only a minor thing and something we know will take so much time to heal.

-Rest. We are still bone weary and up all night. The kids all seem to be sleeping better, it is just that our sleep is so broken up by the littles crying out that we are getting almost none.

-Paperwork. We still have one very important document that we need for court missing. We meet tonight to try to get it all worked out and done. Please pray that we will get what we need!

Front Porch Time.

Checking to see if the bananas on the tree are ripe.

Reading +Cuddling=Best Ever