Prayers and Pics July 6th

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a happy fourth! We celebrated by basking in our freedom to travel to Uganda by eating sugar cane and playing fütbol under the banana trees. (Okay, that's a stretch, but honestly I forgot about the holiday until it was over!)

Not many pics, but lots of prayer requests. I promise I'll try to do better. 

-Okay, I keep calling this thing going on with the boys attachment issues, but it is really more complex than that. As far as attaching goes they are doing better than expected at this point. What we really need prayer for is overcoming institutional behaviors and strength for when we encounter triggers. They do great when it is just us at home, but when we go somewhere and see anyone they ever saw at the babies' home they flip and it takes awhile to talk them down. Since this is a small country and we have to have a lot of adoption meetings right now it is happening a lot. 

-The girls. The stress is getting to Lily and Ava so we have started pulling them away for mini-dates. It seems to help more than I imagined. Just pray for them to have peace and strength when the boys are having trouble. 

-Family edification. Because the boys are used to fending for themselves and survival of the fittest we have to explain over and over again what being a family means. That means learning to share, learning to talk, and learning to support each other. In just four days they have made progress, but we have miles and miles to go

-Court. It is three days away and we need a miracle. Because of a particular attachment issue we need Russ here the whole time and that can only happen if we get a miracle ruling before court closes on July 15th. PLEASE STORM THE THRONE WITH THIS ONE WITH US!!!!


-We got the paper we needed and it was literally (I mean this in the supernatural sense) an act of GOD. So cool.

-Sleep. We all did it last night. Awesome.

-People. Because the "church" here is a biblical vision of what God meant for it to be. And you know I'm not talking about weekly services. The people man. The people will blow your mind.