Prayers for Fire Victims

For the few of you who read this that aren't related to me or live within a 45 mile radius I just wanted to let you know what has been going on around here and ask for your prayers. We have had some pretty big grass fires get our of control in about 5 counties. Fortunately for me this county was not one of them, however many friends and families have been deeply affected. Many of my relatives had to evacuate their homes yesterday and many other acquaintances lost their homes in the fires. Last I heard 44 homes have burned, 1 Business, and 11 lives have been lost.

So I ask you to join me in praying to Jesus for respite from the wind. While today has given us a little break tomorrow will once again be bad and put the area at risk for even more fires. I also ask that you pray with me for comfort and healing for those who have lost people and homes to the fires and strength for those still out fighting them, including my step-dad and step-brother. God is merciful and HE will comfort those who seek His peace!