On Puzzles and Life

The other day, my kids did something that I didn't even think they were capable of doing...they went and got out puzzles and sat quietly at the table while they did them.  I know. Strange right?

Winter must be getting to them. Or at least they must know that winter is getting to me!

But a funny thing, while I sat there and watched them do puzzles. Each one did their puzzle exactly like they do everything else. So for a little armchair psychology, I present to you: Mottos for puzzles and life.


Ava "Make it work for you." Match? Doesn't match? Doesn't matter, just get them together. 



Alex "Perfection. Nothing less than perfection." And don't touch it because you might make it less perfect. 





Eli "Persistance pays off." Work it until it's done. Or until someone does it for you. Or until it's time to clean up."




Jane "Why do yourself what you can get someone else to do for you." Here, you do this,  imma grab a snack. 






Lily "Why do your own when you can show someone else how to do theirs." Leadership people, it's called leadership.