Radical Undoing

Last spring I visited my sister's Sunday School class at church. While I always love me some Sunday school, this particular class was revolutionary. We talked about the Day of Pentecost.

You know the one I'm talking about right? The one where the uneducated, provincial men who had been following Jesus around suddenly started speaking the Wonderful Works of God in languages they didn't know and people came to Christ by the thousands. I mean, that's pretty cool, right?

What struck me most though, was when the guest teacher asked what this was a reversal of?

It hit me like a ton of bricks in that moment and I wondered why I hadn't seen it before.

The day of Pentecost was a radical undoing of the Tower of Babel.

When man tried to glorify himself, God tore us apart with our words and our language so that it would be difficult to unify against His purposes again.

But when Pentecost came and God poured out His Holy Spirit all over us, we, the believers of Jesus Christ, were allowed to be unified for His glory in a way that is even still almost unimaginable.

Now let me blow your mind...That same Holy Spirit is already residing in the people who love Jesus today.

Do you see what that means?

We can do this together. We should do this together. We are equipped to do this together.

Why, Oh, Why dear friends do we keep trying to speak a different language?!? Why are we trying to put up walls an barriers that Jesus never intended for us to have. In fact, that He commanded us not to have over and over again.

No, we don't have to throw out sound doctrine and theology, and we need to take a deep drink of scripture to make sure what we believe lines up. We don't have to pretend to agree about everything. However we do need to stand up to the admission that not actively seeking one-ness as the Body of Christ is incomplete in it's doctrine and it is an omission devastating to God's glory.

We have to hold tight to Jesus, the Word of God, and to each other. We each provide something rich and beautiful to this Body and we are incomplete without actively working together.

Let's have that friends. Let's have a radical undoing.

A Radical Undoing!

An undoing of our walls. Our hangups. Our labels. Our language.

Join us at IF:Amarillo as we Gather, Equip, and Unleash the women of Amarillo to fully live out God's purpose for our lives. We want you there.

We need you there. You are a part of us and we are a part of you. Come join hands with us?