Rambling Recap

Funny how when I actually have something interesting to write about I feel way too busy to actually write anything. So I'll just give you the quick recap of the last three weeks:

Week 1:

This one was recital week, which is my own brand of crazy that I inflict on myself. It was also Royal wedding week which of course I am aware I didn't need to have any part of, but really where is the fun in not over scheduling?

So anyways this week's highlights started with the fact that I ended up lost in Amarillo looking for the Asian markets that I didn't know existed in search of five little Kung-Fu outfits. In case you thought I was mistaken in that last sentence I did in fact say that I was looking for five Kung-Fu outfits in AMARILLO TEXAS.


Needless to say I found the Asian market, but not the outfits I needed. Then we moved on to Dress Rehearsal forever after nicknamed Disaster Rehearsal. When it was all over I told Russ, "We are never doing that again" to which he responded, "You Said that last year."

"We had a rehearsal last year?" I replied

"Yes, and it was bad." Russ said.

So evidently I just completely blocked out the experience, a mental survival tactic that I plan to implement again this year.  Especially since Recital went so well!!!

And also I wore a facinator, because I'm obsessive like that and what adult woman doesn't look for reasons to dress up like a princess?!?!

Week 2:

Competition week. Also know as the week that Lily started sleeping. All. The. Way. Through. The. Night. I'm pretty sure it was just pure exhaustion, but my child is a seriously a trooper. The week started with a 15 hour day in Amarillo/Canyon for a Church, Family Dinner, Leadership Meeting extravaganza.

Did I mention exhaustion?

Then we actually had a somewhat normal week that in which I almost didn't over scheduled anything. I said ALMOST y'all. Because Saturday? I decided we needed to squeeze family pictures in between our Counselor Training and Dance competition.

Which reminds me that I haven't ordered any of those and I need to because how ADORABLE.

Week 3:

Pure Rebellion week. I decided that as a 'counselor' (I feel silly calling myself that) to a bunch of teenagers at a Purity Conference/Rock concert the thing to wear would be black. This is where I discover that I own 2 black shirts one which is too short due to my (ahem) new figure and the other has dance on it in hot pink. Those options didn't seem to really scream I'm an adult, but a cool one that you can talk to about your issues. And I actually don't want my clothes to scream a sentence that long anyways. Clothes should scream words or phrases. Not really sentences. Or maybe they shouldn't scream at all.

Where were we?

Oh yeah, Pure Rebellion...AMAZING. Over 100 kids gave their lives to JESUS. I wish all my rambling could put in to words what happened over these two nights. But it truly is indescribable. The warfare that we faced, the discouragement that clouded the program, and of course GOD'S UNFAILING FAITHFULNESS in our (read: my) weakness.


And that seems  like a good place to end this forever long post!