Random Grateful For's

I'm a little overwhelmed right now so I purposely choose not to commit myself to writing down my November grateful for's each day. Don't misunderstand, I'm more grateful at this point in my life than I probably ever have been, it is just that most of you know perfectly well that my salvation? Is well my salvation and I can't be more thankful for it because I posted it on facebook. My husband and daughter, well if you don't want to hear how the water parted then you best not even ask how grateful for them I am they are in my life. But just for fun here are some random things that I am thankful for in this moment:

  • Discovering this little jewel:

It saved me from just trashing our table and chairs and making my family sit criss cross and eat on the floor.

  • Coke-A-Cola: Is still can't drink water without losing my guts, so even though I'm really tired of sweet stuff I'm glad to have something i can always keep down
  • Nesting+Pinterest: I have never been so productive in my life. I mean I'm getting things done that have needed to get done for years! So what if I'm a terrifying  juggernaut that is flipping our house upside down.
  • Nap time: Because the combination of being sick and nesting at the same time? It is exhausting. By the afternoon we all need a nap.
  • The Crock pot: Because I don't really like to cook but I do like to eat. Toss it in, turn it on, and PRESTO!
  • Country Christmas station on Pandora. Enough Said.

Any random grateful for's in you life?