I try my hardest to be an intentional parent, and you can't make it into your child's toddlerhood without reading the word "readiness" approximately 500 times. They really want you to make sure you kid is super duper extra turbo ready for each milestone before you push anything. So like any good parent I am absolutely paranoid cautious, usually to the point that Lilybug is way past ready for things before I introduce a concept to her. Not so with the paci. She took it hard. Hard. Really hard.

I decided we would jump this hurdle and fly a long way down the track before we jumped anymore hurdles but in the grand tradition of toddler opinions? The Bug had other ideas. Because somewhere in her "I lost my paci haze of despair," she started climbing out of her crib to make the four foot drop to the floor. After the fourth time I realized we were pushing our luck on not having some broken bone in a cast for six weeks.

Desperately grabbing at any idea that would keep my baby's nose in tact we moved her to a big girl bed.

She took it like a champ. An absolute champion.

After one or two small hiccups she curled up and went to sleep. In all the fuss she seems to even have forgotten her paci which is a splendid development...

So why then did I sit on the floor and cry?!?!?!

Because I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to see my baby's tiny little body tucked into that twin bed. I wasn't ready for those two little pigtails to lay flat on that big 'ole pillow.

Because for all this talk of readiness no one mentioned to my eldest to check the signs for mommy's readiness. No one told her to wait until she was sure I could handle the major changes.


Anyone who has been a parent will tell you right now why. It's not about me.

It's about God and these precious lives he has given us to steward in His time.

He just so happened to give me a girl who is going to push through doors before I even realize she can reach them (No, mom, I don't want to talk about where she might have gotten the from ;)).

Lily was ready.

In fact I don't think it would be stretch to say Lily was born ready.

Ready or not mommy, there she goes...