Ready or Not?!?

Okay so we're almost within a month of D-day (otherwise known as my due date but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting) and I may have heard once or two million times that going from one child to two is a BIG adjustment. So I'm here to seek wise counsel. I know there is only so much you can do to prepare, but let me share with you the (slightly obsessive) measures I have taken to help us transition to a family of four. THEN you can feed the obsession help me out with any suggestions you have.

FOOD We are currently working on a good crockpot oatmeal recipe since I am diehard about oatmeal for breakfast. That will keep Lily and daddy from turning to junk food and give me an extra fifteen minutes if I need it!

I am getting freezer meals ready for dinner and have already made an assortment of cupcake tin lunches for Lily. I really don't want to have to resort to expensive (and not so healthy) microwave food when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

We have smoothie bags in the freezer and a yogurt stocked fridge for quick snack times not to mention tons of fruit on hand!

HOUSE I made a chart of very simple and basic household tasks to do each day to keep a little order. This combined with our "pick up before nap policy" should suffice while we adjust.

I also set up changing stations in the front and back of our house so no one has to go unattended. (that makes our house sound big, it's not really, but I hate to not be able to monitor one girl because I'm changing the other)

I also have bedroom and living room nursing stations set up with burp cloths, water bottles and Chapstick.

PEOPLE I'm (obviously) the most prepared because I think about it all the time. My body isn't giving me a choice on that one.

Russ is working on it, but like when Lily was born I don't think it's going to hit him until ya know, it hits him.

The Bug is completely oblivious to the fact her world is about to be shaken, but clearly having a coherent conversation with a fifteen month old about a sibling can't happen. Sorry about the blindside baby Bug!

Any other tips to keep life somewhat on track until we find a new Hodges family groove with Miss Ava joining the dance?