Wow. We are super tourists! Now for the poor souls that have traveled with me you know that I'm big on the seeing everything!

Yesterday morning we went to the Ol' South Pancake house, went to the Botanical Gardens, and then I got my fabulous date!

We got to go to Reata's in Ft. Worth and eat up on the roof. Now I love downtown areas in genral, but Sundance Square in Ft. Worth is very very high up on the list. It's clean, people are so nice, no one is pretentious, and they have fabulous shopping.

As usual, however, my focus was the food. And the food was awesome! This resteraunt definately goes down on the list of one of my favorites! Russ and I had so much fun eating and walking through downtown, it was definate a great way to spend one of my last days in Texas.

Then I had one more panic attack for the week (who says I'm a drama queen?!?!) I didn't have my mentholatum last night and I knew I couldn't go another night without it. So Brian, Russ, and I loaded up in the car to go down to CVS...where they don't carry mentholatum. So then we made the trek down to Walgreens.

Now this Walgreens was right next to a...and no I'm not kidding...Rent-a-tire. Can anyone explain this to me?

Finally I got my mentholatum and got tucked in with a smile on my face!

One more day in Ft. Worth and I get to go to the ZOO!!!!!