Red, White, and Blue

Ahhhhh the Olympics. I haven't really watched the last couple of Olympics winter or summer, but I must say, I have the bug.

That's right I have the Michael Phelps, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Lukin, Go America, I-could-judge-that-routine-better-than-those-judges-bug! I can't stop staying up late to watch. I'm yelling and standing up over a swimming heat like it was a Red Raider football game. Really. It's crazy.

What a time to have an intense surge of patriotism. These Olympic games are getting me all surged up with national pride. I'm pretty close to bleeding red, white, and blue now which is not helping the butterflies that keep fluttering up when I think about moving to another country. I've always considered myself a well traveled person with an deep appreciation for other countries and cultures, however right now I kind of feel like one of those annoying Americans that wants to wear the flag everywhere and scream the Star Spangled Banner.

 But don't worry I've been watching Pelligrini too, just to make sure I'm in with my adopted country.

Oh and (if your still reading my ramblings at this point) you might want to check back tomorrow. There is going to be a picture on there you might be interested...