In concept registering is an amazing thing. I mean you pick what you want out and tons of other people go an buy it for you. However, it turns out that I may have missed a few rules and provisions in there that tend to make it more difficult. For one, your supposed to register for at least one gift for ever person you invited to your wedding. What?!?!? 

1. Because I didn't send invitations I have no idea how many people we invited to our wedding!

2. Our house is a perfect size for two people. It is not the perfect size for two people and two hundered gifts...What are we supposed to do with all this if we get it???

Also I was unaware that people like to buy 'fun' things and ironing boards are not considered fun. Now in my total warped mind I love them, because I love ironing, I also love organizing things and doing laundry. Unfortunately this makes for a pretty practical (euphamism for boring) registry!

Anyways what started out as an adventure that was only to take a couple of hours at Target and BBY has turned in to a four store two week extravaganza!

Does this mean it wasn't fun?? No way! We loved it! We are so excited and feel so blessed and grateful to have so many people that love us and want to help us start a new life!

So after all my ranting and raving I'll just say...Thanks Ya'll!!!