Relatively Speaking

So today I had the absolute best day I have had in a month. So since it felt pretty cool outside I thought I would crawl out of my hole get out of the house and walk to the store and post office. I was on my own since Lily is at her Nana's right now so it seemed like the timing was all right. It was! I stopped and talked to friends, got errands run, and it was even a little overcast (Oh Blessed overcast sky, Thank you Lord) So when I got home just for grins I thought I would check the temperature to see how cool it really was since I hadn't suffered on my walk at all.

And yall?

It was 98 degrees. And that is hot (and no I'm not talking about the 90's boy band)(Because that was decidedly NOT hot.

Now I was raised in the panhandle so talking about the weather is by NO MEANS considered small talk around here. It is VERY BIG TALK, in fact, when my Dad called to tell me my sister had her baby today he ended the very exciting convo with weather questions. It's what we do.

But I, just like everyone else, am tired of talking about the heat. So I'm just going to say that I enjoyed this nice cool 98 degree day!

Also, as I alluded to earlier my little sister had her first baby today! This is Lily's first cousin on that side of the family and I'm very excited they will be so close in age. WAY TO GO MEG AND JOHN!

So I lift my hands up high to Praise HIM on this wonderful day, and I hit my knees in conviction to Praise HIM when the days are not so wonderful!

How's the weather where you are?