I am anti-wedding. I even wrote a book about how anti-wedding I am. No seriously I did. It's called I Don't, an exausted bridesmaids guide to wedding planning. Tommorrow I am getting married wedding and all. I'm good at making a big deal out of things. Really good at it. I love to plan and scheme and decorate like crazy, I do it all the time for fundraisers, parties, promotional things.

However I have had very little to do with my wedding. Why? Because it took me about two seconds to realize that we did want a wedding and another two to realize the only thing we really needed was each other, an officiant, and a license.

We have all those things, so in the spirit of a low key wedding. I'm just having a regular night tonight. Hanging out in the hotel with my Aunt Connie, watching TV and laughing.

Don't get me wrong I'm super excited. I mean really really super-duper excited!!!! But quite frankly the sky could fall tommorrow and as long as we get married I could care less!

Here's to our wedding tomorrow! Cheers!