Rest and Peace

A place of rest and peace...

Or so the sign says right below the name of our guesthouse. And listen peeps, these people have been above and beyond patient with us. 

Doubt me?

So far we have:

Clogged the toilet

Flooded the bathroom

Had our beds made three times a day

Flooded the bathroom again

Tracked red dirt everywhere

Screamed literally every hour of the night

Ran up the stairs

Ran down the stairs

Ran around the house outside

Ran around the house inside

"Helped" with laundry by dragging a freshly laundered dress through the dirt (luckily it was mine)

While we are eternally grateful for the people here going out of their way to serve us, pray with us, and love us, but I have a feeling that the sign will ring a little truer when the Hodge's roll out of town!