Ribbons and Bows

Okay, okay so after all my ranting and raving on the registering process we have recieved some of our first presents. YAY! It was so exciting. It's already fun enough to get packages anyways, but those sweet people at the store don't just stick it in a brown box they actually put the presents in pretty boxes and put ribbons around them.

After Russ finally got tired of my attempts to unwrap the presents (I hate tearing the paper it just seems disorganized) he tore it open and out came blankets, plates, bowls, coffe mugs, and an ear and nose hair trimmer  (don't ask!). It was so very exciting to see the stuff that we picked out for our house actually materializing before our eyes.

Once again Thanks Ya'll, this is too much fun and we are so grateful and blessed for all the love!

Now on to another one of my favorite things...getting new stationary to write Thank You notes! My life is so blessed!