Right There On the Grass

Listen peeps, I think I forgot to mention that we have been having adventures in potty training this spring. I can only talk about it now because it's done. Thank the good Lord in Heaven.

Anyways we went out to eat with family on Saturday night and there were twenty of us, and almost half were of the under twelve crowd. Dining out with little ones is so delightful, dontcha think?

As soon as we rolled up to the table Ava decided it was time to eat. Now normally I'm a stickler for table manners and my girls don't get to eat until everyone gets their food, but, let's face it, this wasn't the time or place. Besides the chips and dip were totally out, which pretty much counts. We decided to see if our sweet little Ava-cado liked guacamole.


This is the look on her face after she polished off her FOURTH small bowl of gauc and we told her there wasn't anymore to be had.


Desperation. At its best.

And theeeeeeennnnnn...

Because the granddaddy's up in this family are no fools they hustled the kids outside to play in the grass as soon as the last bite was eaten. Where they ran and ran. And ran and ran and ran some more.

In fact they were enjoying that running so much that I guess Lily just couldn't bring herself to let me know she needed to go back in for quick trip to the potty.


Oh Yeah.

Fun with potty time.


By the time I saw her she already had her panties all the way off, because of course it wouldn't be lady-like to get them wet, and she had popped a squat. Right there on the grass. Directly in front of the restaurant. By the door in which people were entering to eat their food.

Can we all just have a moment of silent thanksgiving that it was just a tinkle?

So I did what any mature mother would do and I walked off and pretended I didn't know whose child she was while I called for Russ to deal with that. Which, of course, he did; when he stopped laughing enough to regain composure.



So perhaps it is time to talk about backyard only behavior...