Rockstar Status

So yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life. Alex had a seizure. A long one. And for a second there he stopped breathing. The other kids were already loaded up in the car ready to head to Nanna and Poppa's so my brother-in-law just grabbed the kids and took them over while my sister-in-law grabbed me and followed Russ and the ambulance to the hospital. We had incredible deputies and AMT's helping us here.

Listen, I can't even begin to rehash all the thoughts that flooded my mind in those long, painful moments. And even in the hours after when he wasn't himself. I wondered if he would ever be himself again.

Never fear. He is.

In fact, it turns out that his terrifying ordeal, has earned him rockstar status in the Hodges' household.

After we woke up the kids this morning they all climbed up into Alex's bed (seriously, you would have thought they were apart for days instead of just a few hours) while they interrogated him about the ride in the ambulance (which he doesn't remember, and he filled them in on all his tests and his swag (which I feel sure he will never forget). They sat in awe as he told them about blood draws and pictures they took of his head and his chest. They swooned with jealousy over the Scooby Doo stickers that he brought home. He gave great detail about where his EKG monitors were and the cool bracelet they put on his ankle.

How to be a rockstar around here:

#1: Ride in an ambulance. You know those flashing lights and sirens are too much for the other kids to resist.

#2: Get poked and prodded and all sorts of test. That way you can describe in gory detail all the trials you endured to your sympathetic public.

#3: Get cool swag. Not only did he get stickets, but he also got to eat french fries in Poppa's truck. Do not even. That's pretty much the ultimate around here.

Here's praying that this is the ONLY time we ever produce rockstar status in this family.

*All his tests came back completely clear. It would appear that it was caused by a quick spike in fever and shouldn't cause any problems.