Royal Affair

It's 4:00AM here in Texas and I'm up watching the royal wedding. I could tell you it's because I want to be a part of the history, but that isn't really true. The truth is the little girl in me loves all things Princess. Particularly when that princess-to-be is Kate Middleton because really she is modest, classy, and pulled together all while being human. I'm just a tad bit caught up in the romance of it all. Obviously I'm not alone in this as I have watched absolutely NO coverage of people weighing their odds to make it or predicting an unhappy ending. For once it seems like the world is just genuinely happy for someone, at least for right now.

Also, it's the hats. I have an obession with the hats and nobody does hats better than the British. Then good, the bad, and the confusing the hats of Britain simply cannot be matched.

At sun up life must go on as usual, but for this few dark hours I'm going to sit here and enjoy this real life fairytale!