Oh y'all. I really was going to stay out of this. I almost never get into politics because I figure the best way to have an unintelligent discussion about issues is to look at it through the lens of politics. But seriously, how in the world does a political professional, a woman no less, let this come shooting out of her face.

Call me naive but I thought we had all decided to respect each others decisions about what's best for our families. In fact the mommy wars seem a little old fashioned to me.

So I thought I'd clear some things up about being a SAHM since there seems to be some confusion.

1. My Husband Makes Tons of Money: False

Actually my husband probably makes right around the same amount of money that your husband in his early thirties with a college degree does. We have to make choices and sacrifices so that I can stay home. That means cloth diapers, limited trips and major budgeting (so, yeah, I do have to think about how we are going to feed our kids).

2. I Wear Sweats Everyday: True

Lets just look at that as a job perk, you get insurance and paid vacation and I get to wear running shorts.

3. I'm Not Teaching My Kid's Work Ethic: False

I am not the kind of mom that does everything for my kids because it's easier ( and trust me it is) instead the Bug is right beside me learning to work.

There maybe that will clear things up a little bit!