Salvation Army Chic

It turns out sewing is a somewhat costly past time to pick up. It also turns out that we are in recession. Should I let a little thing like that deter me from what I've set my mind to? Absolutely not! I figure if Scarlett O'Hara can make it work so can I!!!!

So with a little resourcefullness I have solved the problem:

100_2033Thanks to a little Gone with the Wind Inspiration I am now stocked up on fabric...otherwise known as bedsheets, table clothes, and curtains for less than $10 bucks!

Armed with my new book and all this fabric I'm really ready to get rolling!

in_stitchesAnd as it turns out I'm not the only one whose all ready to get started around here. Evidently this has turned into a family activity! Yup that's right...