Second babies and Self Rightousness

Have we all gotten to a place where we can admit that we were super judgmental before we were parents? Good.

Then we an move on and talk about how after Lily was born? I was still super judgmental. I suspect I'm not the only one who suffered from first baby self righteousness. It wasn't that I thought I was the perfect parent because I learned quickly that everyone will struggle and sometimes you just have to count the opportunity cost and pick your battles.

There were still a few basic things that I got all judgy (Wordpress doesn't think that is word) about even after Lily though. For example? Sleep. You see I believed (and still believe) that getting tons of sleep is developmentally crucial for little babies so I fought hard for that with the Bug. And I was right, she did does need a lot of sleep. I was on a mommy forum once that said a healthy range for an eight month inks to be awake was between an hour and half and two and half hours. I balked. No baby that little should be up for two and half hours.

Enter Ava.

She always been a good sleeper, but it's taken me eight months to look the facts in the eye; she just doesn't need to sleep as often. Lily does and always has run on all cylinders of course she needs more sleep; she wears herself (and everyone else) out in a matter of mere minutes. Ava is so much more laid back she can be restful and be awake.

With that enlightenment came the final crumble. The things I was sure of fell in heap at my feet. My eight month old sleeps only one hour a day longer than my two year old.

I judged you. And I'm so so so sorry.

One of these days I really will learn. Or at least if I don't be comforted that God will keep serving up pieces of humble pie!