Selective Hearing

So I didn't mean for this to turn into a Parenting Toddler blog, but let's face it, parenting a toddler is life consuming. So since I'm basically an expert at it now that i have done it for three months and I'm full of mature advice and wisdom I thought I'd share my current strategy with you.

Last week the Bug figured out she could say "no" and it was awful. I tried going her choices, not giving her choices, natural consequences, time out, and some er other things...

Point being, none of it worked. I have read or it the cliffs notes on a jillion child development books, Christian parenting books, and discipline strategy book and none of it was working for me.

So in all my wise and mature wisdom sort of stuff I came up with my own strategy.

I pretend I don't hear her. Yes I know. I'm a genius. And also? The Bug thinks I'm either deaf or not very smart.


You do what you gotta do.