Seven Months

Hi Miss Ava Mae! You are seven months old now. You might notice someday that I am three days late writing this post and I am so sorry for that. I'd like to tell you it will get better but I'm a little scatterbrained so no promises. I'm so glad that I wrote this late though because while I was procrastinating you took you first coordinated crawls this weekend.

Daddy saw you do it first, the whole hands AND knees action and I saw it this morning. I brings me great joy to watch you develop and learn! You prove to me again and again everyday that life itself is a miracle and I have the blessing of watching the miracle of you unfold everyday.

On an unrelated but kind of funny note you still retain your adorable smile and laid back persona, however (ahem) I have noticed some sweet sass creeping into your little expressions. I love the glint of mischievousness that sparkles forth in an excited moment. Growing up in a household full of loud, extroverted, strong willed people probably won't be easy; it now appears you will be able to hold your own!

Your little nose scrunches up when you taste something new, your little laugh sounds more like little grunts, and your little legs kick like crazy when you are excited. Even when things get busy please know baby girl that I'm in the moment. I'm noticing. I care.

I love you so much!

Love, Mommy