Shades of Green

My stubbornness has set in, I'm digging in my heels, I am determined, and I am stopping  because I'm sure you get the point by now! A beautiful plant has come in to my possession. As I was sitting and pondering where it would best be kept and admiring it's deep green shiny leaves (out loud of course), my husband started to chuckle.

Excuse me??? Why are you laughing?

He doesn't seem to think I can keep a plant alive. Ridiculous, I know. My thumb is a lovely shade of deep green, thank you very much.

He then proceeded to remind me about my  last house plant. Oh...yeah. Well maybe my thumb is more a shade of yellowish-greenish-brown.

But I do oh-so-very much love this plant. I didn't love my last plant nearly so much. So I'm digging in I'm going to research,re-pot it in a fabulous home , talk to my plant and take the best care of it ever!!!! (Let's face it...he won't be able to stand to sit there and watch a plant die anyways, if I do fail...which I won't...I have back up)

Oops have I watered it today?!?!?!