She Said It...

So I haven't been in much of a mood to write lately. My sickness has not subsided as I had hoped and I'm in a nesting sorta mood. So I'm throwing up and sewing and baking a lot. I know, great combination, right? Anyways all that to say all this time in bed has left me lots of time to think about the things that I love to think about but don't usually have time.

And here is the deal every time God gives me some big major life revelation I try my darnedest to articulate it and then someone goes and says it better. I'm not proud though, in happy to share other people's eloquent words. So I bring you links worth reading.

Also entitled "Things I Struggle With"

If you skip the rest, please read this. I think it is clear that I struggle with church. It used to be an angry tear my eyeballs out frustration, but now it is just a heartbroken feeling that can only be born of a profound love. Evidently I'm not alone.

Jen Hatmaker: And Then The Conference Uninvited Me

I have a confession: I rarely feel mom guilt. I'm just a big picture person so the daily details and shortcomings rarely ever appear to me, much less make me feel bad. Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing something. But the. I read this and I realized that we maybe are just be fed a pack that we should be tired and guilty. And I'm over it!

Audaciter Matris: And *This* Is Why you Are Awesome

This last one may seem a little out of balance, but I as I'm pretty hippy, gooey, organic and also highly anti-establishment the fact that I share these thoughts on learning shouldn't really surprise anyone.

FIMBY: Why Can't Learning Look Like This?