Signing Slang

Lily has had a little bit of a language development explosion lately in the sign language department. She has always been a pretty good signer, but it seems like recently something clicked. Oh how this mama loves it! Life is so much easier when I'm not trying to decipher cries and she can just calmly ask for what she wants.

Today I was at lunch with friends and Lily was throwing out her normal, "water please", "more food", "shoes" (for when her shoes 'fell' off, uh oh!), "all done" and everyone just stared like I was crazy.


I realized that the Bug version of ASL is well, a little sloppy. I've gotten so used to get wild signs that it's nothing for me to figure out what she's trying to tell me. At best she is sign slanging. In all reality her signs look very little like ASL.

As I sat and watched I realized for all I know she could be signing , "My Green monkey needs to go poo poo."

And I should probably care, but quite frankly I'm just glad we can talk even if we look like rabid bird s flailing around.

Here's hoping we don't offend some one that is fluent in sign language by declaring their uncle's knees are hairy!