Some 'Splaining to Do

Things we learned in dance this week: 1. New Jersey is a country.

2. That my 1st-4th Graders need to get maps for their birthday.

3. That I have freak of nature arms and went 25 years without knowing it until my 12-13 year olds told me. Because that's what 12-13 year old girls do...point out anything that's not PERFECTLY NORMAL.

Things we did not learn in dance this week:

(A dialogue will best paint this picture)

3-5 year old class

Girl 1: So your baby was in your tummy?

Me: Yup

Girl 1: And now she's right there?

Me Uh huh

Girl 2: So that's the baby that was in your tummy?

Me: Sure is.

Girl 2: So how did she get out?

Me: Okay everybody, time to leap over the alligator pond!

It appears someone has some 'splaining to do and it ain't gonna be me!!!!