Somebody Else's Fabulous

So I'm still in the middle of a couple of big projects plus my awesome brother and sister-in-law and their whole crew are in town this week. That means I'm super busy sipping lemonade on the back porch and laughing at all the kids' antics (that includes my Hubs and his brother). Clearly I'm taxed.

Anyways we were taking some much needed rest time this morning and I was catching up on my reading. About the time I posted my third link on Facebook I thought it might be time to share the wealth!

So here is everybody else's fabulous:

This post at A Holy Experience about when strong mamas feel weak.

Mama, you are strong. Persevering. Tough. Able to bend without breaking. Willing to be humbled to the point of humiliation. Not blinded. A hunter for wisdom. A praying through woman. A courageous mama. One that wants your child to not just follow the rules but, more.

Because sometimes we all need this reminded this post from We Are That Family is great!

Moms don’t get breaks. But sometimes we need a breakthrough.

Adoption ethics seems to be popping up all over my little world and like any thing ethics related people tend to have strong thoughts and feelings. I'm no different. These posts explain my thoughts and feelings so well!

A guest post at Rage Against the Minivan

While I submit to adoptive parents to be careful where they adopt from, know that it will be one of the most challenging experiences they will ever face, and that they will most likely get their heart broken several times- both before and after the adoption is complete, let it be clear that advocating for a solution for the other 379,600 children is in no way anti-adoption or anti-orphanage.

This series from the always awesome Jen Hatmaker should be required reading for all belivers!

With much of the adoption pipeline supplied by corruption and confusion, we cannot possibly claim God’s sovereignty. We need to call it what it is: an injustice God would never endorse. It is time to stop participating in the type of adoption that encourages able-bodied parents to give up their children or get pregnant to supply a baby for a paycheck. We cannot be complicit in what amounts to trafficking.

Something funny from Stuff Christians Like to round this list out!

In the words of Boo, "It's funny because it's true!"