Sparkly Thunder

Right now I'm sitting on my in-laws porch with almost our whole family (there are a few babies sleeping already) watching a storm roll in across the plains. I have a friend who said the Texas Panhandle is beautiful exactly two times each day. Sunset and sunrise.  That is almost true.

But then there are times like this.

When you can literally watch the storm roll in, lightening flashing through the wide open sky, and booming thunder almost filling the wide expanse of open fields. God can sure show off on a canvas like this.


After the extreme drought conditions of the last two years have brought a deeper level of beauty to a thunder storm. It soothes the soul and the land.

I'm a little sad because my brother and sister-in-law and their kids are headed out tomorrow. We have just had the best time.  Babies have slept in spare bedrooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, and stacked two high! How blessed our growing family has been by this time together.

As we watched the storm roll in my oh-so-precious-to-my heart niece said something that I assure will be a part of my Texas Panhandle weather vocabulary for the rest of my life. As she glanced out the widow to see a bright flash of lighting her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "LOOK AT THE SPARKLY THUNDER!!!!"

Oh my heart.