You know where I'm going with this. I know you know. I am about to endlessly ramble even though I titled it speechless.

Main Points:

  • #2-Amazing
  • 1:28 -The amount of time Texas Tech was behind in the 60:00 minute game.
  • As my mom said, "we almost snached defeat out of the jaws of victory"
  • Harrel-Crabtree, TTU O-line, D-line, Matt Williams, Batch, Woods, and everyone that Recieves...THANK YOU!!!!!
  • I have spent years and years defending the integrity and intellegence of the TTU student body. No more. I'm angry, they are idots and I hope they get reamed.
  • 0:01 does not mean the game is over. Tech of all people should know that.

Favorite Game Day signs:

  • Need a Hiesman reason? We've got 5 or 6
  • Rylan Reed can bench press 2 1/2 Orakapos
  • Graham is my favorite cracker

All that being said, I truly believe Texas is a great team and they played a great game. They made us work hard for it and prove how bad we wanted. Well I think it's safe to say we wanted it bad.

Really I could go on about this game all day!

Still a long hard go of all of it! WRECK EM TECH!!!!