Splashing Around

We kicked off the Bug's first Memorial Day Weekend in proper fashion...by suiting her up and dumping her in a very cold pool all weekend.

She LOVED it. Not even that picture can do justice to the joy elicited by two feet of water in our backyard. And honestly we loved it too! We took about million pictures and videos and then hopped in to play with her and lay out!

God was so good to give us a respite from the howling wind on Saturday and Sunday morning so at least we had some playtime that did not involve grinding dirt in our teeth. Which also doesn't seem to bother Lilybug, probably because she doesn't have teeth.

Also we had FOG on Saturday morning. I cried I was so happy. It's been so long since I even saw a cloud much less smelled moisture that I darn near hit my knees in the middle of the street to praise GOD, but then I realized sitting down in the middle of the street in fog was probably not the best idea so I just kept one hand on the stroller and lifted the other!

Also, this...

is what it looks like at the end of our street today despite the predictions of some very hopeful meteorologist. I certainly hope I'm wrong, but that doesn't exactly scream "Rain this afternoon" to me.  But who knows what those mini-clouds could turn into right?

On a more serious note PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for rain for the Texas Panhandle. The last time we had a measurable amount of moisture was BEFORE the Bug was born. Combine that with extremely hot windy conditions and we are one big wildfire waiting to happen. Last report we lost nine more homes in Amarillo this weekend due to fire. Pray that God would open the sky for us!