To take a break from our oh-so-taxing life right now Russ and I decided on a little staycation in Amarillo! 100_2266When Russ started wearing jewlery and acting ghetto, I knew it was time to get out of the house!!!

So we packed up and headed east!


So we headed out to the ballpark watch the Amarillo Dillas!!

What we really watched was the fieldworkers try to dry up the field for two hours...however we busied ourselves just fine...


By eating lots and lots of junk food!!!

Can I get a big 'ol fat cheer for ballpark chilli dogs!!!!

Next we went to the discovery center...We discovered a lot!!!




Then we went out to an amazing dinner at Macaroni Joe's. Which I meant to get the waiter to take a picture of us, but I was too busy chowing down on crab dip.

Please just imagine an adorable little restaurant with the facade of an Italian street in the back and a very happy and hungry couple smiling at the table!

Next on the agenda a trip out to Palo Duro (pala dura) Canyon to see TEXAS!!!!!

100_2320However....Do you see those scary looking clouds in the back?!?!?!

100_2319Except for a quick trip to the bathroom we never made it past the parking lot!!! They canceled the show and we watched a raging storm blow over the canyon from the comfort of our car! (Don't worry, we got a rain check!)

Then we came home...

The End

(Do I get a cookie or something for actually remembering to take pictures and then actually posting said pictures to blog?!?!)