Stitch Fix #4: You Decide

Loved this one. Loved it. But that stinky budget strikes again. So this time you decide.

IMG_5160.JPG Owl dress. The Owls pretty much speak for themselves amiright?


I loved the fit of the black leggings but they don't really have a place in my life. Not a huge fan of the shirt, not sure if it was just too baggy or if it's cause I felt like an Aggie in it. (Sorry Aggie friends, you know I just can't do it!)


Raindrop dress is adorable and versatile and just a touch quirky. I loved it!



The yellow sweater gets two pics because the front AND back are adorable! I was doing something weird with my hips, but this sweater was actually pretty flattering in real life.

So friends what's the vote?

Also, if you decide you've had quite enough of the mall right now and want someone to just pick out your clothes and give you staying ideas then you should use this link to sign up and help a sister out!