Stitch Fix: The Best One Yet

It's Stitch Fix day! And this one was amazing. It's a shame my budget was so tight. Also if you are reading this from a mobile device, I know the pictures are sideways. I have done everything in my power to change that. The pictures are just smarter than me and far more stubborn.  IMG_5716

I have severely regretted not getting the owl dress from December, and my stylist said she couldn't get it back in stock, so she sent me this sweet bird dress. It was amazing and made me feel pretty. Keeper.



Russ didn't like this skirt and he said it looks like it needs a poodle on it. I, however, adored it, but due to budget I sent it back. It's a regret waiting to happen. 


I like the idea of this jacket, and these cropped pants, but they didn't pan out in real life. For one, my quadriceps are significantly more developed than your average Jane, and it  showed. And for two, that jacket just hit in a strange, rather wide, place. 



Listen, I'm gonna be the first to admit that for a plaid flannel shirt, this one was far too expensive. BUT it feels delightful. And it is versatile and it falls pretty. So I figure that's worth something right?

So I kept the dress and the plaid skirt and you will be hearing about that green skirt that I already have non-buyers remorse over. Will you contribute to the I-need-a-dress-for-my-brothers-wedding-fund by signing up from my link, if you like Stitch Fix too? Thanks, friend.