Stitch Fix: I Didn't Own a Sweater Version

STITCHFIXSWEATER So I put Stitch Fix on hold for awhile, because they basically had worked themselves out of a job. I like my closet minimalist and they had nailed it so well that for a big season I felt like I had what I needed.

Until I realized I didn't actually own a sweater.

With all these rumors of the Big Bad El Nino Winter I've been kinda freaking about about hoarding All Things Warm. So I scheduled a fix and requested a sweater.

Obvi I got one. However, just for fun I thought I'd share the lot with you!

Stitch Fix Shirt StitchFix Shirt


I didn't love the print on this shirt, but the fit was great. Also, the jeans were adorable, but a girl only needs so many distressed boyfriend jeans. Ya heard?

I had a concerned kid coming at me in this pic!

Oh y'all. Shirts like this are the reason I don't have sweaters. They always tempt me over to the light side. Truthfully, I love to wear clothes that I can't feel. It's why I hate jeans or really any structured clothes at all. Listen, it took every ounce of self-control and several days to let this shirt go.

Stitch Fix Skirt

Especially when I put it on with this skirt. Because really. This combo is my jam. A light shirt and a midi-circle skirt? Yes. Please.

But sweater. Focus.

Stitch Fix Sweater

So this sweater is dreamy. It's long enough to wear with leggings (stretchy pants!) and warm and cuddly and everything you could want in a sweater. Provided that you want a sweater, which evidently for the first time in my life, I did.

Friends, if you too need a sweater would you mind signing up on my link, I get a little credit for that! Thanks! Stitch Fix Link.