Stitch Fix Review

So I got a Stitch Fix box about a month ago and I just haven't posted the review. Clearly summer is getting to my head! We will have to call this review The One Where They Worked Themselves Out of A Job, because I am pausing my fixes for a little while. I have been reading so many articles and discussions of what having a minimalist wardrobe does for your brain (hint: it is a good thing) as well as what it does for your time and your comfort level. 

When my friend Kimberly posted all of hers on her blog I was sold. I mean really, anything to lessen the crazy around here is a good thing. 

Short of only a few graphic tees and running shorts, EVERYTHING in my closet is from Stitch Fix now. They did such a great job of delivering high quality clothes, with the style and comfort level on point for my actual real life that when it came time to weed out my closet I tossed the stuff I had picked out and kept the stuff they had picked out! 

So here we go:

(Also with my usual disclaimer: I forgot to take pics until the morning my box needed to go back so there is no makeup in these pictures. Well, until the last one when I remembered to put on some lipstick for heaven's sake!!!)


This tulip shirt was comfortable and flattering, but in the spirit of minimalism I already have a shirt similar to this one. So I let it go.  IMG_6867

Okay, so this is for the jacket and the pants. The jacket was adorable but white (nope) and again I already have a great denim jacket, no need to clutter things up. 

So the pants where okay, but they felt a little squeezy on my legs and I am nothing if not all about comfort. 


I adored this dress. Really I did. It was just a touch clingy to those parts of my belly that remind me that I have had three babies, but nothing some Spanx couldn't fix. Truth be told though, it is a little dressy for my current life. I would hate for a dress that beautiful to only get taken out a couple months of the year for church. 



This dress was my keeper. It has a really cool vintage shirtdress vibe and it is soft and comfortable. I could easily wear this to go hang out and write at the coffee shop or throw on some heels to dress it up. Not to mention throwing a cardigan and tights on and making it work all year. 

*I do get credit when you sign up on my link, that I have no doubt I'll use again...maybe in the form of a giveaway ;)