Stitch Fix Review: My Figure is Weird

Don't forget to go sign up for the May Giveaway and grab your Queenie's Headband code KAYLIEHODGES20 to get 20% off. Go get yourself something special for mother's day.  It's Stitch Fix time!!! This is always such a welcome treat. 

I'm going to be honest, I liked most of the clothes this time, but almost nothing fit. It's strange because I have been doing this for almost a year now and this has rarely been a problem so maybe this box was just a little off? Anyway...

(Also, I had to take these at like 6:00AM right after waking up because I forgot to do it before that. This is why Kimberly is a fashion blogger and not me. IMG_6591

This dress just didn't do anything for me. I think I have post pregnancy paranoia, in which, anything that slightly resembles maternity clothes make me run screaming out of the room. I think it would be a super cute dress...on someone else. 


I absolutely loved this dress, but do you see the problem up there? It's shape problem. Namely? I don't have one. But the neckline! And the colors! If I only had a waist...


Again, I like a lace tank top, but it requires shape that I can't provide. 



The peach shirt was pretty, but those sleeves were driving me nuts just while I was trying it on. HOWEVER...those jeans? Were perfect. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. In and of itself that would make a year of Stitch Fix worth it. Because I hate jean shopping with a fiery passion. 

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