Stitch Fix: Spring

This marks a momentous occasion: I got my first pair of shorts ever in my box this month. If you know me at all, you know that I despise wearing pants. Mostly jeans, but by the end of winter I feel animosity towards all pants. Bring on the shorts. (Knee wrinkles and all!)

Yay! Spring has sprung.


So that cute shirt has bicycles on it, and I love something quirky, but the cut made me feel a little matronly, and this week was just not the week for that. I also loved those pink shorts, but they were a little pricy for a pair of shorts. Considering I have wanted to wear them every day since I sent them back, I think that may have been a bad idea!


Those were some fun and funky pants and I loved almost everything about them, but they were a little squeezy around the the thighs, and I have well recorded issues with not wanting things to touch my legs. So weird, right? That shirt was precious, but I have a red one like it and a navy silky shirt. It seemed like overkill for my minimalist heart.



That shirt? Was a keeper. It looks cuter in person with its sassy cut outs and bright color!

I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back for yet another month of my life that I have completely avoided anything that resembles a clothing retail store.

This is the life, man.

Go ahead and check out Stitch Fix from my link and I get a little kick-back from you trying it out. That's what we call a win-win folks.