Stitch Fix: The Version Where I Look Dressy

YAY! It's StitchFix time again! So, I really liked this box, but some my jeans were in the washer, and also? I was feeling too tired to tie my shoes. (Yes, I know,  that a whole 'nother level of lazy.) So this one looks dressier than I will probably ever where it outside of these pictures.


So you can't really tell from this pic, but those are blue corduroy pants. Listen, I have a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans and a pair of dark wash wide leg dressy jeans. Thats it. I feel like these are a cute, comfy alternative to jeans in the winter. I'm thinking keepers.

That shirt was spectacular. Soft and pretty and it fell just right. Keeper.

Also? I would only wear this with heels to church. Normally with oxfords, but that is when the too tired to tie shoes thing came in.


Again, I won't maybe ever where this shirt with black pants and heels, but I was just taking what was available. Again with the great shirts. Soft, pretty, and so colorful. In real life, when laundry is done, I would probably where it with boyfriend jeans and flats. Keeper.


This one is for the cardigan. That I didn't love. Don't know why, just didn't.

My last thing in the box was a bracelet, and it was cute, but I'm not much of a jewelry wearer so it would have had to have been pretty amazing for me to keep it.

***Strange facial expressions in the pictures are courtesy of my husband, who was making faces behind the camera, and didn't think I would post the pictures he liked****

Ha! I showed him! (Ummm, now my face looks like that on the internet? Joke's on me!)

Help a sister out with if you decide to use Stitch Fix and use my link, okay?