I'm beat. 14 hours of train rides and I finally got to Paris. And of course it couldn't possibly have gone smoothly...that would be too easy!

First started with the stomach cramps as soon as I got on the first of 5 trains. Let me tell you people that the lavatory in a second class cabin on a midnight train is not a pretty place to be.

Then there was the fact that the sleeper train had no more cabins, so it was the jump seat in the aisle for me.

Then the running up and down stairs with two suitcases looking like a mad woman from lack of sleep (see above)

Now, it might seem like I'm complaining alot, but I actually have a positive point to make. I have been so blessed and touched by the kindness of strangers on this trip.

Every single step of the way there was someone to help me with my bags, let me have a seat, help me find my platform, give up thier seat for me.

A sweet woman watched my bags while I was in the bathroom, three old guys insisted on sitting on one side of the sleeper car so that I could have a whole side to sleep, and countless people went out of thier way to not only point me in the right direction, but also take me there and show me what to do when I got there.

This could have been a nightmare and instead it was just a few bumps in the road. I have been trying to do my part to pass the buck to show people love!

I hope we can use this influence of strangers to spread the love all over!

Au Revior